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Hereke Quality & Design

There are many carpet types produced in Turkey. Most Turkish carpets are identified by the patterns, designs and colors of each regional production area. Tribal carpets and kilims exhibit simple, stylized designs. The finest of all hand knotted Turkish carpets are produced in Hereke. The fine quality and detail of Hereke carpets is displayed through intricate naturalistic floral patterns and complex motifs.

The predominant colors used in Hereke carpets are dark blue, ivory and cinnamon, although yellow, green, red, and other colors are also used. Traditional floral designs for Hereke wool carpets include: Flowers of Seven Mountains, Polonez, Tulips, Watermelons, and Flowers of Fields. The floral designs and harmony of colors add warmth to a home. Hereke silk rugs offer an even wider selection of intricate designs. Common Hereke motifs include flowers, birds, the tree of life, and prayer niches (mihrabs) with suspended lamps.

Hereke silk rugs are woven with silk from Bursa. Hereke wool rugs are woven with fine quality wool on cotton warps and wefts. The number of knots per square centimeter is an important criterion in determining the quality and fineness of a carpet. Average knots in wool carpets are measured per square decimeter or square inch. Hereke wool carpets have a minimum standard average of 60x60=3,600 knots per dm2. The minimum standard average for Hereke silk rugs is 10x10=100 knots per 1 cm2. Recent technological advances allow the production of much finer silk rugs with 15x15=225, 17x17=289, 18x18=324, and incredibly, even 24x24=576 knots per 1 cm2. These dazzling masterpieces exhibit a level of detail never before possible.

Hereke carpets are the pride of Turkey. Hereke has been at the leading edge of hand knotted carpet production since 1843. Hereke continues to produce the finest 100% handmade silk and wool carpets in the world today.

Flowers of Seven Mountains, Wool, Dark Blue
Polonez, Wool, Dark Blue
Flowers of Fields, Wool, Orange
Watermelons, Wool, Green
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